Litecoin Core and Litecoin Association Road Map 2016



The Litecoin Association in cooperation with the Litecoin Core development team has published the much anticipated 2016 Litecoin Road Map. This road map intends to convey recent developments in both the association and core endeavors and it offers a vision and plan for the future. Litecoin has received a lot of critique form users that they do not have visible plans for further developing and establishing Litecoin as one of the top altcoins and thus LTC was slowly getting out of the radar not only for miners, but for crypto currency users. This was happening everywhere aside from China where the interest in LTC is still very strong partly probably because most of the Litecoin mining happens in that region. The new Litecoin road map should calm the people that the Litecoin project is still being worked on and aside from development of the Litecoin Core wallet, there is also work going on LoafWallet – iOS-based LTC wallet, Electrum-LTC – Android and PC wallet, LiteTip – a Litecoin tip bot, support for Litecoin on Lamassu ATM and others. So don’t be too quick to abandon ship as Litecoin may soon make a nice comeback, especially considering the recent issues that Ethereum had with the DAO and the problem still not fully resolved.

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