How an ex neo-Nazi movement became kingmakers

More than one in five Swedes voted for the radical anti-immigration Sweden Democrats (SD) party in elections on Sunday. Now the second-largest political party in the country, its anticipated 73 MPs are expected to play a crucial role in supporting a ruling right-wing coalition – if not a formal position in the government itself. It would be the first time the nationalist party has come anywhere close to the levers of power in Stockholm. A focus during the election campaign on issues around immigration and violent crime have put the SD’s agenda at the heart of mainstream Swedish politics like never before. It is a watershed moment for a party founded by Nazi sympathisers, shunned for decades by the mainstream – and now on the cusp of playing a kingmaking role in a country better known for its stable and predictable politics. According to the latest election figures, the SD won 20.6% of votes cast on Sunday – making it the largest in a bloc of right-wing parties now with a collective majority in parliament.(BBC)…[+]