7:00:00 BBC Nieuws7:30:00 Steven Reyme Ministries8:00:00 Fitness: Shaun T – Cize Workout 4 -In The Pocket (Basic)8:40:00 BBC Nieuws9:00:00 ATV Binnenlands Nieuws (Herh.)9:30:00 ATV Sports (Herh.)10:25:00 MasterChef US11:10:00 Dragons: The Nine Realms11:35:00 Young Justice12:00:00 BBC Nieuws12:35:00 Middag Film: Boenie Bears Back To Earth14:25:00 SHV: Super Pop Clips15:10:00 Wildest Indochina15:55:00 CDS FOCUS16:25:00 Jamie And Jimmy’s Food Fight Club17:25:00 SZF Magazine17:40:00 Wizards Tales Of Arcadai18:00:00 ATV Nieuws19:00:00 CHINESE DOCUMENTAIRE:20:00:00 Q&A (LIVE)21:20:00 Programma: KICKOFF FFTH FASE 321:30:00 Soeng Ngie’s Keukengheimen Kippenpoot (Afl. 07)22:25:00 Home23:10:00 Forged in Fire0:00:00 Tv.Film: Barbarian1:55:00 ATV Nieuws ( Herh.)2:30:00 Power Book II Ghost3:30:00 Tv.Film: The Soloist5:30:00 Tv.Film: The Sum Of All Fears7:35:00 Expedition with Steve Backshall8:00:00 CNN NieuwsEinde UitzendingWIJZIGINGEN VOORBEHOUDEN

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